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After identifying the competencies, the next step is determining which work activities can be used to develop, demonstrate, and document the achievement of competencies. These work activities must be a natural part of the employee’s regular job.


Determining Work Activities

Developing WBL Outcomes Final (PowerPoint)
WBL Outcomes Strategies
In Medford, Oregon, Rogue Community College used a three-step process to develop a work-based learning curriculum for health informatics technicians and match it with work activities: develop outcome statements; identify competencies; and Identify concepts and issues.

NAU design (PowerPoint)
In Arizona, the Learning Circles project of Jobs to Careers incorporated many of the educational requirements and competencies within the work activities of the public health technicians. Some of the competency areas for work-based activities included basic public health, program management and implementation, and assessment and analysis.

Sample WBL Learning assignments
The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey worked with Philadelphia mental health employers and the District 1199C Training and Upgrading Fund to determine relevant work activities, linked to specific job competencies, to incorporate into work-based learning. The sample work-based learning assignments illustrate several such activities.

A Primer for Work-based Learning: How to Make a Job the Basis for a College Education
The experiences of partnerships of employers and educators in Arizona and Medford, Oregon illustrate how the concept of work-based learning can be applied to enhance frontline health occupations or create new ones. This practice brief describes the process of designing work-based learning in one site, and then adapting it for a very different population and health care setting.

The Jobs to Careers Work-based Learning Worksheet
This worksheet offers a step-by-step process for determining the job compe­tencies to teach, identifying work tasks that can incorporate work-based learning, and developing ways to determine when the employee/student attains the desired competencies. Users can adapt this tool to their own work settings and job requirements.